Termination of Membership

The Executive Committee of the Society shall have power to terminate the membership of any Ordinary or Associate Member if he has not paid his subscription for more than 2 years. However, such a member may be reinstated as a member on full payment of his subscription fee arrears.

The Executive Committee shall have power to expel any member:–

  1. who has been convicted in a court of law and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of over 1 year (one) without the option of a fine.
  2. whose conduct is detrimental to the honour and interests of the Society or calculated to bring the Society into disrepute.
  3. who has willfully and persistently refused to comply with the constitution of the Society.

A member who is expelled shall have the right to appeal to an Extraordinary General Meeting called for this purpose. The Executive Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting if requested to do so by any aggrieved member within 21 days of receiving such a request. The procedure at such a meeting shall be in accordance with Article 12 section 3 of the Constitution.