Moderate Sedation Course for GI Endoscopy 2021 – Course Information


Purpose of this Course

  • This 1 hour course is conducted online as a refresher for endoscopists who had already completed formal training in sedation during their advanced speciality training or equivalent fellowship program.
  • It has special relevance for endoscopists in private practice where there is currently no institutional training programme for moderate sedation.
  • The course design and materials had been prepared by a group of endoscopists in private practice, after reviewing the current curriculum proposed by international societies for safe sedation practice, with critical review and inputs by colleagues in respiratory and ICU medicine.

Course Design

  • A set of course notes for self-directed learning (30 min)
  • A pre-recorded power point presentation on the practical management of airway during endoscopy (15min)
  • Reference materials with relevance to the practice of sedation in endoscopy (30min).
  • Lastly, participants will be required to take an MCQ test and achieve a passing mark of 25/30 to receive a “Moderate Sedation Training Course Participation Certificate”. (15min)


Only candidate who has completed the MCQ test and fulfil the minimum score of 25 marks out of a total of 30 marks shall receive a “Moderate Sedation Training Course Participation Certificate”

Content Outline

  • Purpose of sedation
  • Target level of sedation
  • Pre-procedural screening
  • When to refer to anaesthetist
  • Drug pharmacology and use
  • Managing complications
  • Discharge planning

Course Fee

  • SGD 25